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Hi, my name is Mariana Bautista. 

I was born in Mexico City, I am an entrepreneur currently living in Los Angeles, California. I love fashion and most importantly I love fashion originates from Mexico. My great-grandmother and grandmother were born in Oaxaca, Mexico, it was with them I learned about this amazing culture.

When I was a child, I felt in love with the vibrant colors of the clothing and jewelry from Oaxaca. It was during this time that my passion for fashion was born. 

Family of Artisans

I created this website in 2018 with the idea of providing a platform that offers crafts made by my family and other artisans from Mexico.

Living in a family of artisans, I've witnessed the hours and hours invested by my mother, daddy and my sister to create this unique jewelry and appreciate the value of each piece.

Each unique unique piece is created using quality products such as precious stones (amber and jade from Chiapas, Mexico), quartz, silver, gold, shells, feathers, and wood, to mention few.

Marianna Bautista.

Jewelry from Oaxaca

We are happy to officially present  jewelry and clothing made by the Mexican artist Gaby Vilchiz   who currently lives in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Her amazing and unique style has been recognized by actresses and tv hostesses in Mexico such as Andrea Legarreta.

Fair Trade

With every sale, you are helping to promote the culture of Mexico. We firmly believe in fair trade, we have close relationships with the artists and all the artisans we are working with.

We value and respect their work as well as their trademark, we do not use any of their designs without permission  nor their intellectual property, it is a win-win relationship for everyone.